Roolup an brochure We have made brochure and roll up to Helikopterterminalsens Brukerkomité


Animation and Website We have made animation and website for Laserklinikken Luxane in Kristiansund Advertising film for the laser clinic Luxane

Logo silhouette Shell have renewed the floor in their canteen, and Studio helped planning a logo silhouette in click laminate.   The carpenters from Fosnastein made sure that all were done according to Shell’s strict requirements for crafts.

Modular ships We have made a presentation of the concept “modular ships” For us it was a pleasure to receive good feedback. Our client, Alego is now in negotiations with major customers in Asia and Africa. We wish CEO Sondre Sandby and the rest of the group “Good luck.» We look forward to continued …

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Klippfiskkjerringa Drawing of the “klippfiskkjerrringa” (Klipfish wife) to honor the workers. The model was Mrs. Grytnes ( the wife of the Opera manager)  We designe this symbol to Kristiansund´s 250th anniversary.  “Klippfiskkjerringa” is one of Kristiansund best-known symbols. 

Coast guard Protection plan for the Norwegian coast guard who is under the Norwegian navy. The plan shows which protective equipment  to be used in various emergency situations.

Spitsbergen This is the 14th ship in the Hurtigruten fleet where our  safety information contributes the ships safety.